Galerie Wies Willemsen presenteert van 17 mei t/m 28 juni 2015: 'Intention Papier' met de Franse kunstenaars: Isabeau d'Abzac, Ferri Garcès, Junior Fritz Jacquet, Marisù Robin.

De expositie zal worden geopend door Luis Acosta, curator, kunstenaar, op zondag 17 mei 2015 16.00 uur in aanwezigheid van de Franse kunstenaars.

Because of its lightness, paper is often classified as an ephemeral material. Too fragile, perhaps, to carry the art inscribed on it... Yet, paper is conscious of its own materiality, calling creators to reclaim its delicate surface as a medium of expression. Rumpled, folded, dyed, or sewn, paper stimulates our curiosity and facilitates our
own inspiration. Though simple, flat, and affordable, it is magnified, enhanced, and transformed with the abundance and restraint of those who manipulate it.

Isabeau d'Abzac likes the theme of dancers simply because of their grace, their aeriality and their elegance. Working with pleats and drapes, and lighting effects behind silkpapers, she is trying to capture the precise moment before taking off, between grace and enchantment"

Native of Iran, Ferri Garcès moved to France in 1975.
After studying fine arts and interior design, she worked as a miniaturist painter, graphic artist and textile designer. Since 2001, paper is her material of choice.
Leaves, flowers, butterflies, algae, all of Ferri Garcès' meticulous paper manipulations are like living little scenes. Thanks to wrinkling, intricate folding and shaping technics, she proposes paper arrangements whose texture and colorful harmony seduce as much by their delicacy than by their originality.

The rawest cardboard becomes an art object between Marisù Robin's expert hands. She cuts it, folds it, put it together and glues it, while continuously looking for new forms and uses. Ecological and environmentally responsible, cardboard is nonetheless a precious material which finds its splendor in Marisù's colorful and happy universe, inspired by her native Argentina.
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